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Михаил Гойхман

Richard Dawkins, The Extended Phenotype

19 мая 2013 года, 23:57
A few workers have, indeed, flung just such a challenge at the whole neo-Darwinian modern synthesis, and have claimed not to be neo-Darwinians. Goodwin (1979) in a published debate with Deborah Charlesworth and others, said, '. . . neo-Darwinism has an incoherence in it . . . we are not given any way of generating phenotypes from genotypes in neo-Darwinism. Therefore the theory is in this respect defective.' Goodwin is, of course, quite right that development is terribly complicated, and we don't yet understand much about how phenotypes are generated. But that they are generated, and that genes contribute significantly to their variation are incontrovertible facts, and those facts are all we need in order to make neo-Darwinism coherent. Goodwin might just as well say that, before Hodgkin and Huxley worked out how the nerve impulse fired, we were not entitled to believe that nerve impulses controlled behaviour. Of course it would be nice to know how phenotypes are made but, while embryologists are busy finding out, the rest of us are entitled by the known facts of genetics to carry on being neo-Darwinians, treating embryonic development as a black box. There is no competing theory that has even a remote claim to be called coherent.

Думаю понятно к чему это тут.

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